Araucaria Group is a private investment company that oversees a portfolio of diverse investments in farm land in Argentina and investment services through a privately owned asset manager and registered broker-dealer. Araucaria Group has offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miami, Florida and has assets under management totaling over U.S.$280 million.

SoEnergy International is a global energy services provider delivering customized solutions, including sale of energy, bridge and long-term power solutions, for a diverse array of organizations and industries worldwide.

The company has world-class technical expertise and international infrastructure throughout Latin America, and is currently expanding into Europe, the Middle East and Africa. SoEnergy’s services include the design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and O&M of large-scale bridge and long-term energy solutions for clients in need of base load electricity, peak shaving, distributed generation, supplemental power, and emergency stand-by power generation as well as industrial gas compression and pump stations.

SoEnergy has power generation experience in over 30 countries and employs over 1,000 people worldwide. SoEnergy currently owns an energy portfolio consisting of 751 MW of distributed generation equipment. In the permanent power plant business, SoEnergy currently owns or operates several power plants in Latin America, and considering the most relevant projects, nine are located in Brazil, Colombia and El Salvador for a total installed capacity of approximately 288 MW.

More info: soenergy.com